Why Should You “DYNO TUNE” Your Bike?

Servicing Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut, Cycle Performance Customs has the top of the line Dyno Jet dynamometer! When it comes to everyday Motorcycle Dyno Tuning performance measurement, problem diagnosis and precision tuning, our Dynojet 200i Inertia Dynamometer offers fast, accurate and repeatable solutions. Our trained professionals will run diagnostics on your bike and provide you with a detailed printout of your bike’s peak performance. Our program writes the map in real time as your bike is being run and put under load. You spend a little more up front but the result is a bike that runs at it’s peak, for the options you have installed and that your air fuel ratio is as close to optimal, for the selected components you have chosen.

Dyno Tuning - "Feel the Difference" therapy for your motorcycle!!!
Today's Dynojet dynamometer does so much more than tell horsepower and torque. It can look into your motorcycle and see things like fuel mixture, cam timing, clutch slippage, how loose or tight your drive chain is and whether or not it needs to be replaced, how your sprockets are holding up, whether your cush drive is worn, if your fuel needle needs to be adjusted, if your bike needs a tune-up, a valve adjustment, and even if your speed or your tach are calibrated properly.
The motorcycle dyno tuning dynamometer has also made a huge impact on the racing industry. It has become the industry standard and a shop without one, simply cannot provide the state-of-the-art technology and service that a shop with one can. Fifteen minutes in a Dyno can give you more information on your bike, than five mechanics locked in a room for a weekend. Just let us prove it to you...

Information about Dyno Tunes:
What is a dyno tune?
Simply put, a motorcycle dyno tune is making adjustments to your bikes ignition, fuel and air supply, to achieve the most possible horse power and torque, while maintaining optimal air fuel ratio. To do this we use our state of the art Dyno Jet dynamometer.

What is horsepower and torque and air-fuel ratio?
Horsepower is top speed and torque is what gets us there. Air fuel ratio is how much air and fuel are mixing and entering the combustion chamber. This is how rich or lean the motor is running. Either end of the scale will cost you power, torque, economy, and efficiency. If you get the balance too far out on the lean side, damage can be done to the motor. If you get unbalanced to the rich side, you can foul spark plugs, dilute your oil with gasoline, and generally cause a noticeable reduction in performance.
All motors produced today that are in legal production have to meet Federal EPA requirements and are generally on the lean side of the scale. Changing exhaust systems, mufflers, air filters, carburetors, and sometimes even spark plugs affect the way a motor performs. While making these changes may seem like the thing to do, one can end up with problems if these are not done properly.

How do I know if I need motorcycle dyno tuning?
For the most part any motor that has had changes made to the air filter system, muffler and/or exhaust headers most likely will need to be tuned for the components added or changed. It makes no difference if your bike is normally aspirated or injected. Both can be dyno tuned.

Why do different dyno’s show different horsepower numbers?
Every Dyno reads a little different, from brand to brand. In addition, temperature, altitude, and humidity can all play a role as well as software differences.

Why are my pipes always black if the bike is not running rich?
When lead was in our gasoline, you could read the mixture by looking at the spark plugs and the exhaust pipe for the rich tan color that spelled a good running motor. Today there is no lead in gasoline so all we have coming out the pipe that deposits is carbon. Carbon is black and builds up like soot on the exhaust pipe causing one to think their bike is running rich when in fact, it may be running lean. Cycle Performance Customs services Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut in comprehensive motorcycle dyno tuning. Please stop by and allow us to dyno tune your motorcycle, with our state of the art, top of the line Dyno Jet dynamometer. You will be satisfied with the results!